User Personas

Angelo, 27maxresdefault

Angelo is a carpenter running his own business. As a professional tradesman, he often visits hardware stores. Due to the frequency of his visits, he has a general idea of where to find many of the tools and supplies he regularly needs. He runs his business from his phone, conducting mobile billing and invoicing on the fly.

His work is diverse and so are his hardware needs. On average, he spends an hour in Bunnings picking up supplies around three times a week. Of that time, about 85% is spent looking for the specific hardware he needs. As an independent contractor, time is money for Angelo. He is frustrated that he often cannot find what he is looking for, and complains that he cannot find a staff member to help him. He sees it as a necessary evil to doing business, but wonders if there’s an easier way.

Darren, 42Darren

Darren is a senior accountant working in a mid-sized accounting firm. He recently bought an older house with his wife and teenage children, with the intent of renovating inside and out. He is quite capable and handy, doing most of the household repair work.

He considers Bunnings to be ‘a toy store for adults’ and thoroughly enjoys browsing around. However, not knowing a great deal about hardware terminology, he often finds it difficult to locate the supplies he needs. He relies on the store staff to help him figure out the name for what he needs, then find it. He is often frustrated with what he perceives as an understaffing problem; he can never find a staff member when he needs one. At the same time, he doesn’t like to bother them if he can find the hardware himself, which he usually tries first.